Arrested Students Appear in Court, Universities Granted Interdicts #FeesMustFall

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The students arrested at Parliament yesterday appeared at the Western Cape High Court at 8 am this morning. ENCA reported that “Six of the 29 students could be facing ‘provisional charges of treason’ amongst others.”

Students gathered at the Magistrate Court this morning to show their support for those arrested. Many students joining the ”FeesMustFall’ campaign are concerned about not being able to continue their studies next year, if the proposed 10.5% fee increase comes into effect. There are students who cannot afford university fees and are considered ‘too rich’ by fund like the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NFSA), for a fund which they would have to pay back once their studies have been completed.

According to the ENCA, universities are getting interdicts against student ‘no-fee protesters’. This is a result of students disrupting lectures and breaking into the students…

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